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Monday, April 10, 2006

it must be time for me to go to bed

i was just checking out my sitemeter, and someone from south korea visited. curious, i surfed over to the referring URL, and all the writing looked like:

??????? ?? ???????? ??? ? ??????????????????? /???????? (d:20.1) ?
???????? ??????? ???????? ?????? ??? ???????? ?????


i couldn't have come up with a better character to display the korean language if i'd had years to think about it.

yup, time to hit the old skid. it's getting a little goofy out there.


Blogger Skippy-san said...

Just down load an IME pack. Its free and will give you all the Hangul you can stand!!!!!

4/12/06, 7:41 AM  
Anonymous chrys said...

At least they are more sensible than China and Japan. I think they only 14 of these characters or something. Hangul - I've heard that before. Remember the phrase that developed "Me Gook?" - It comes from Korean people mentioning the "English language" Megook instead of Hangul. I'd request assignment back to South Korea in a heartbeat. I go now to visit "skippy-san"

4/12/06, 8:33 PM  

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