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Monday, April 10, 2006

conspiracy theories R us

willy sees that dirtbag Cmore hersh as a treasonous bastard.

i'm more inclined to think hersh is an unwitting tool of the government. well, he is a tool, but maybe saying he's a government controlled tool may to a bit much.

anyway, hersh is yelling as loud as he can that george w. is to nuke iran's nuke facilities because george is terrified of the sawed off hitler wannabe running the country.

maybe, just maybe, the dark lord Darth Rove sent a minion out to whisper in hersh's ear. think about it. if i was the prez or one of his cohorts, i'd go find the most despicable and anti american journo writing in the country. one with a following that holds many of the same values as Cmore. now, whisper frightening things in his ear. do you think he'd keep anything THIS damaging from the world? hell no. he has a vested interest in reporting, or should i say, distorting stories that would be inimical to the current administration. he's a poster person for the daily kos.

so here i am in the presidential palace in tehran, sipping my mint tea, and reading the afternoon telegraph. i come across an article by Cmore Hearse, uh, hersh, and read that the president is considering dropping a nuke down my smokestack.

who's he going to believe? a paid bootlicking lackey, say maybe a fox news type? or Cmore hersh, who by all accounts is out for blood, and has demonstrated that he is happy to trade in his citizenship and civic responsibility for for a sharp stick to poke in the president's eye.

do the math.

damn, i could be writing movies, or thrillers, or ... ah hell, i think i'll just stick to blogging. nobody would believe this shit anyway. that's me, one of the great unwashed bloggers, out to cripple credentialed mainstream media types.

it's my mission.


Blogger WillyShake said...

ahhh, "strategery" (translation: strategy) Dubya style! Me likey.

4/11/06, 4:42 AM  
Blogger Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Well, I'd buy a book, bo-man.

4/11/06, 10:46 AM  

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