Monday, May 15, 2006

killdeer update

well, i promised an update or two regarding killdeer mascots. still there, eggs still intact. momma bird walked up to me when i was just standing there not moving. she was really trying to get me to walk away.
she wasn't too sure what to do with me when i didn't move towards or away from her nest.

on another bird note: one of my previous co-workers was down from idaho and stopped by. we showed him the nest, and he started to laugh when a meadowlark starting singing nearby.
"you know, the meadowlarks sing a different song in idaho. it's a lot clearer. you know, the idaho meadowlarks sing a pure phw, phw, phwdededphw. the california meadowlarks are more like phwde*cough*cough*. i guess the smog makes the difference"
smart ass


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