Friday, May 19, 2006

we're a daddy

remember me posting about our new mascots?

as usual, click on picture and select on the all sizes icon at the top for a selection of sizes available.

well, we're a daddy! so far 3 of the 4 eggs have hatched.

these chicks have a highly tuned survival trait. they didn't cheep, twitch, move, or in any way bring attention to themselves. and of course, mom and dad (yes, both parents care and protect the young) were having a heart attack while i was trying to get close enough for a picture
this poor bird is squawking and chirring to it's utmost to get me to divert away from the nest
while the other is trying like crazy to get me to go it's direction. you have to give these birds kudos for their vigilance. i felt kind of bad stirring them up so much, but i wanted to get the pix before they left the area.
of course, once i started walking away, they had to escort me. they stayed about 15 feet in front of me, leading me away from the nest

the difference between the killdeer chicks, and the flying rat chicks that hatched inside the wall is amazing. any time one of us walks out of the door, the pigeons flying rat chicks start yammering away.

i foolishly forgot to cover the hole after last season's swallows nest adventure, and ended up with flying rats.

i won't forget this time.


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