Friday, July 28, 2006

a nice hour at the range this evening

first of all, i'm not a young pup with 20-20 vision and nerves of steel, steady of hand and of keen coordination. having said that, it just seems that 7 1/2 yards isn't very sporting.
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s&w 7.5 yd
this is my smith and wesson 617 10 shot 22 LR revolver. i love this gun. i can shoot for pennies, and still have the same grip frame, sites, and basic weight and trigger as my 686 and 686+ in .357. lots of practice, not a lot of coin

springfield trp 7.5 yd
my springfield armory TRP is a 45 ACP semi-auto. it's not a target gun. but with the handloads i have, it shoots pretty damned well for a utility firearm.

run the targets out to 25 yards, low light conditions, and the whole game changes.
s&w 617 25 yd
i like to practice my revolver skills shooting both single action, which gives me much better accuracy, and double action. i shot this target in double action, which has a much heavier trigger pull. nothing that would qualify me for shooting at Camp Perry, but i'm happy with the results. i have hit a running jack rabbit out to about 50 yards with this pistol. that's all that really counts.

and of course, the 45 at 25 yards off hand. there are three hits off the black. i'm going to have to work on that
springfield armory trp 25 yd
not a bad way to spend an hour.
man, i love shooting.


Blogger jeffox said...

Nice photos, Bo, and very nice shooting. I'm not a sidearm person myself (prefer my 20 gauge :)) but I can tell a good shooter when I see one. Good thing you're on OUR side, I say.

7/31/06, 7:13 PM  

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