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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

remember those shoot the shits that lasted hours

somewhere onboard, usually a watchstation? and how the conversations got weirder and weirder the longer we were out to sea? as in, the boring and mundane had all the juice wrung out, and it was time to tread uncharted trails in search of humor, conversation, and an outlet for the creeping insanity that is an extended run underwater? if you don't, you probably were either a whackjob nutcase that was already waaaaaaay around the bend (we had a few), or you never went out to sea, away from the sun, and away from any semblance of land or ports in the near future.

here's an excerpt of a conversation i could very easily have partaken in. it comes from my newest bubblesphere blogger, a bubblehead off of the SSN-711 lazlong

Yes, that is right, photosynthetic, they will take in the sun's energy (hence the fiberoptics) and make food for themsleves, using water of course. A by-product of this will be the Oxygen that they breathe out (only when sleeping, of course, while they are awake, the breathe out CO2), which will maintain the ballance of the atmosphere in the colony.

seriously, if you've been off the boats for a while, you have probably forgotten these conversations.
reading the post brought memories of amines in the air and the hum of rotating machinery.
thanks dude.


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