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Monday, July 24, 2006

poppas joy

poppas joy
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this is what raising kids is all about. all of the "fun" times. yup, grandkids. spoiling them rotten, winding them up, then sending them home.
kids are way more fun when they are your grandkids.


Blogger Ted said...

Go to agree 150% with you. I have one daughter and one grandson and 9 years ago, when he was born, his asshole old man walked on them because he wasn't ready for the responsibility???? Air Force vet, figures! So my wife and I welcomed them with open arms and became more like parents than GP's. Problem was I was much to old to be much of a baseball player with him and jumping makes me crippled for a couple of days. [wrote about all this in my blog] Well she met a nice guy and got married and he loves her son, and they bought a house and lived happily everafter [we hope]. Now that they have moved out on onward we are like grandparents and love it. Wind them up and send them home. I love it!

7/27/06, 6:29 PM  

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