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Friday, July 21, 2006

the neo-neocon is at it again

and she is doing a bangup job too.

And, of course, to defeat Hezbollah would require a response the International Red Cross already has already condemned as violating the principles of proportionality, since Hezbollah is well aware of the value of hiding behind civilians, and does so purposely and frequently. So, how in heaven's name would any international court ever get authority over Hezbollah, except to try them in absentia? And a fat lot of good that would do, except as meaningless theater.

this is only the latest in an excellent series of well thought out and presented opinion pieces regarding the middle east.
i'll let her do the talking. me, i'm still on the humor thing. it's helping. and no, it's not an ostrich thing. it's just there are more folks better capable than i already posting. almost any of my links to the right have great posts. i'd just be adding to the noise, and anyone really interested in reading about the current situation are doing so already.


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