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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

an opportunity for some old guy, and WOW!

here's a tidbit from the gossip stuff that may be of interest to those of us that are at the half-century mark or so, and single (i only qualify for 1/2 of those pre-conditions). guess who's available, back on the market, foot loose and ring free? ayup, 52 year old Christie Brinkley. god, does that make me feel old.
it also amuses me, because this article was right near the top of the "top news" section of MyWay. i guess...

and the WOW.. found on reuters: an article about a man that is controlling a computer cursor and a robotic arm with a sensor in his brain
ok, so i don't usually accept anything reuters says regarding actual world news, but the technology section at reuters has some really cool stuff on occasion. i don't know their secret, but i've read things there oftentimes days before seeing it anywhere else.
think about it. with a chip implanted in the brain, paralyzed internet surfers can now access all the porn they want without having to ask someone to move the cursor and click!
technology, what a great equalizer!!


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