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Thursday, June 29, 2006

and another bubblehead surfaces

there's a new bubblehead blogger out there, and he surfaced leaving a comment to a post on the community bubblehead blog. his response to a post by Rob brought him out of stealth mode. so i'd like to formally welcome a former nuke electrician, turned college professor of all things. hmmmph, i thought nuke electricians ended up doing things like being postman or running grocery stores like ron martini. (that was a subtle loving dig to one of my very favorite bubbleheads on the internet). so go on over and say howdy to Tim the Preretirement Professor.
an interesting observation, if i may. i've found a bunch of bubblehead bloggers out there, and so has joel. and you know what? most of them get found by leaving a comment on our blogs or over at the communal trough. most of them hadn't posted any sub related stuff on their blog, just popped up and left a comment. pretty soon, they start posting about submarine stuff, and eventually the boat posts become common on their blogs. i've been personally responsible for derailing at least one blogger from his intended purpose for blogging.
i wonder how long it will be before i can corrupt tim. any help is appreciated!


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