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Thursday, June 22, 2006

introducing another bubblehead - a boomer puke!

we have a couple of boomer types on the bubblesphere roll at the right. and now we have another.

Thanks to joel over at the stupid shall be punished we meet another submariner. welcome to Sonarman over at Submarines Forever. looks like he will be a great addition to the bubblehead blogosphere.

now, to introduce this guy, i'd like to send you to his web page, rather than his blog. i know that this is not the usual protocol for introducing a new blogger, but when you read his entry, you will understand. you can get the measure of a man by the men he respects. i dare you to read the entire post and not get a little catch in your throat. i double dog dare you.

clickity the link Tribute to a great man


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, much appreciate the intro. My dad was a great man, and he was and still is my inspiration.


6/24/06, 11:00 PM  

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