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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

another post from an old man

ok, so that was a low level ping on ted over at Musings of an Old Man

he posted about what the nuclear submarine pipeline was like in the early 60s. it's a great essay about the path young pups took to get to submarines. my story parallels his, with a couple of very big differences.
he went to a pigboat to qualify after A school, on his way to nuclear power school.
me, i went from A school in Great Lakes (Machinest Mate A school) straight to Mare Island, and nuclear power school. not to go to school though. i spent 7 weeks learning how to run the navy's finest floor buffers and how to properly scrub shitters in the various barracks used by the nuke school.
and then i ended up in the idaho desert going to an aircraft carrier reactor plant prototype. did me a lot of good going to a submarine, but it was really all about the training process rather than the actual plant you trained on.

check out his post. he tells the story well.


Blogger Ted said...

Hey you old Geezer, thanks for the cheap shot. Wasn't it amazing how well the Navy managed to keep us abreast of the latest cleaning technology. I know a lot of people that have never had the privelege of operating a floor buffer let alone they never even learned how to properly clean a urinal.

By the way, thanks for the publicity.
The old muser - Ted

6/22/06, 3:54 AM  

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