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Monday, June 19, 2006

crazy stuff from around the world

i've been keeping a pretty low profile lately. i flew my folks down for the father's day weekend, and the preps for "the in-laws" visit took a lot of my free time. (just a gentle dig towards my long suffering spouse. hiya sweets...)
so here i am, back on the web, after ignoring the world for a week. where do you go if you haven't been keeping tabs with the world? why, the oddly enough section of MyWay, of course. and here is my insightful analysis of the important news stories of the last 24 hours:

it seems that china is really advancing with the times. it's beginning to look like you won't be able to get fresh fresh cat or dog at the local restaurants anymore. you know that will put a crimp on all of the "wokking your dog/cat" jokes out there. and of course, that tune there's a cat in the kettle at the peking moon will just become a nostalgic novelty, and not a restaurant review, if the activists have their way. first it was foie gras in Marin county, and now this... no cat in China. what is the world coming to?

and another thing:
i know that europeans supposedly make the best beer in the world. that is what's known as "common knowledge". but what about the japanese? hey, they are experts at turning rice into an alcoholic beverage reserved for the gods, and those of us that can pay the freight for a bottle of saki at the local sushi restaurant. but what about beer? apparently they make beer bad enough to mobilize the bomb squad. i've had beer that bad before. we used to call it skunk beer.

and not to leave out ananov's quirkies :
here's a rocket scientist. hummm, let's see. can't get a ticket to the world cup games. steal a lady's ticket from her purse. go to game. sit next to lady's husband. what is wrong with this picture? a: the thief assumed he'd be safe, and b: momma lost her ticket. think dad will stay home? HELL NO! must have been an interesting conversation both before the game at home, and in the stands during.

a student in Turkey is TRYING to get into the record books by answering every question wrong on his college entrance exam. there's an over achiever for you.

oh, and here's one that i wish would spread to our campus. of course, i'm nowhere near the campus, but i'm sure i could find reasons to visit the boss on days protests were scheduled. for a better perspective, go visit the valparaiso chile newspaper El Mercurio and look at the galleries. here's a taste. chileans have a different view of what is or isn't proper newspaper pictures. we live in a repressed country here in the good ol' usa.
(and dear, this is strictly educational. it's all about protesting. honest)

and last but not least: i thought everyone knew this
A woman of 98 who's been frying fish and chips for 80 years says her longevity is down to never eating anything else.


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