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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

i need to surf the net more

because i ignored my computer for the long weekend, i have to play catch up, and in the world of the blogosphere, there just ain't no catching up possible. things move too damned fast. but here's a gem i found that has me rolling. this is another in a long line of posts about folks with too many brains and too much time, coupled with a huge sense of humor...
  • Using a $250,000 network analyser, we find that although on average all helmets attenuate invasive radio frequencies in either directions (either emanating from an outside source, or emanating from the cranium of the subject), certain frequencies are in fact greatly amplified. These amplified frequencies coincide with radio bands reserved for government use according to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). Statistical evidence suggests the use of helmets may in fact enhance the government's invasive abilities. We speculate that the government may in fact have started the helmet craze for this reason.

    read the whole post here
    a hilarious hattip to vigilis thanks dude. made my morning. guess i'll have to use my foil hat for something more useful, like shorting out burned out fuses or something.

  • and when was the last time you laughed out loud? go over to Gus's site, watch the three videos, and then lay down for a while to recover. ever wondered what parts were cut from the starwars movies? how about what it would be like to try to communicate with someone with only a rudimentary knowledge of english? check out his videos, vote in his poll, and come back to thank me for sending you there.

  • and check out these quotes at irritant #4. i'm still wondering what they call that fake duck.

  • and for something completely different, check out the picture posted over at dave's not here. he's a contractor currently working in iraq. he's posted some great shots since he started his blog. i've linked him for a long time, but i don't seem to link to many of his posts. don't know why. he has a pretty good blog.

  • and here's one i found backtracking a sitemeter hit. chinese renounce buddism . i don't usually visit sites like this, but the blogger running it has a wicked sense of humor. i may just have to bookmark the site for a later visit, just to see what kind of craziness gets posted. check out the other entries, and scroll down to the post about the first siting of suri cruise. laughed my ass off. the author could be a submariner with that sense of humor.


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