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Monday, July 10, 2006

a very small repayment to the chechens

it looks like the russians popped the leader of the chechen rebels. you know, those homicidal maniacs that killed over 300 people, 170 some of them children in 2004 at an elementary school in russia. it looks like the russians tore a page out of the islamofukits playbook, and detonated a truck bomb next to him. of course, the brit newspaper had to make it look like a bad thing, heralding the long anticipated body temperature adjustment to room temperature as "a revenge killing", but what the hell. dead is dead.
seems this fanatic was planning some sort of disruption of the G8 conference being held next week, so the word must have been put out. you know the word. "take this son of a bitch out. find him. kill him. kill him dead. kill yourself if you can't find him and do a job on him." of course i'm just imagining the conversation in my head, but i doubt it was too far off.
no way this was coincidence. they may not have been able to find him for a long time, but given the coming conference, there must have been a number of very late night calls from the boss bubbas to the "special ops" bosses. good job rooskies. too bad basayev. i doubt there are 72 virgins waiting for your ass.

a quote from the article
“He was a jackal and died like a jackal, and his body was collected piece by piece,” Mr Kadyrov said. “I dreamt of strangling him with my own hands.”


Blogger WillyShake said...

When I left town last month, Zarqawi had just been killed--and the media was winding-up its whine about whether we let him suffer!

...yet, bottom line:

It's a bad time to be a terrorist.


7/11/06, 5:52 AM  

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