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Monday, July 24, 2006

yayyyy... more submariner bloggers

here's the first. you know him if you visit the common trough.

yup, it's the old coot, but we all know him as RM1(SS). go on over and say howdy. oh, and have you noticed just how many of us ahem, older gentlemen, ahem, all use terms truthful AND descriptive? geezer, coot, old man, etc. yup, us bubbleheads are an honest bunch, as long as we don't start out with "now this is a no shitter". then all bets are off.

and then there is ramblinboy or reddog, as he's posted under. he was a fellow seawolf sailor. a cornergasket, as a matter of fact. he'll be joining the others of the left wing dark side. but don't hold that against him too much! hiya dave, welcome to the bubblesphere!

edit: and here's a third! welcome to a robert a. heinlein fan and former bubblehaid lazlong. welcome.


Blogger lazlong said...

Why thank you for pointing people in my direction!

7/25/06, 7:23 PM  

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