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Friday, July 21, 2006

carnival of cordite link, and a random thought

the #66th issue of the Carnival of Cordite (that's gun related stuff, if you couldn't figure it out) is up at Mr. Completely. it's a small one this week, so it won't take 6 hours to read all of the entries.

and here's a random thought i just had....
what if, 1400 years from now, the Scientologists become a world wide "religion" like the followers of Hey Mo are now.(brrrrr) and what they splinter into different sects? and what if some group enters another scientologist sect's bakeries and force them to take down the posters of their saints, like saint tom croooze, or saint kirsty alleeey? it could happen

Militants on both sides have moved block by block through Baghdad’s neighborhoods, threatening, kidnapping and killing. To protect themselves, Shiite bakers have taken posters of their saints off their walls. Those who supply the Iraqi Army, which is predominantly Shiite, have arranged safer sales through middlemen.

from an article on the NYT
i know, i've linked to a couple of NYT articles, but MyWay has a portal into the site.


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