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Monday, September 24, 2007

camera death

camera death
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i'm so bummed. we took a road trip up the california and oregon coast to Lincoln City Oregon for a conference and mini-vacation.
the first morning, while getting ready to leave Cresent City, this is what my display showed as i attempted to get a shot of the lighthouse.
it acted up for the rest of the trip, sometimes letting me get a shot, sometimes not. i missed at least 50 pictures that i know would have garnered offers from the National Geographic, had i only been able to capture them.
the last day, it simply refused to do a damn thing. luckily the memory card could still be accessed. but that is all the camera will let me do.
i think i'll be in the market soon for a new camera. we bought a cheapo kodak for diane, since she likes taking snapshots of the kids. me, i'm going to figure out what the next camera will be.
this sucks. i'm buying new cameras every 3 years. maybe it's time to go back to film.....


Blogger jeffox said...

EMP, maybe? :) :)

Whatever the cause, it sure looks fried. Sheesh, I feel sorry for you, Bo. You sure did take some great photos with that camera.

Still, I can't wait to see what your new one does. Best of luck to you on your next shopping foray. My 2c.

9/25/07, 12:04 AM  

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