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Friday, September 14, 2007

gun grabbers acting up again in California

i'm a gun owner. i'm a responsible citizen, with no felonies, no arrests, and not even a speeding ticket since 1975. but in the eyes of many, i am of the worst type of people, because i own and shoot firearms for recreation. i also own and maintain firearms for personal protection. breaking into my house when i'm home will probably be the last in a long line of bad decisions you've made in your life. so here i am, a completely aboveboard member of society, yet i'm viewed as a criminal. it's just that i haven't committed a crime yet. why? because i own firearms.
now in california, they are trying desperately to separate me from my guns. why? "because no law abiding citizen needs guns, since the police are here to protect you." and "your guns can fall into the hands of those less responsible". bullshit. if you can get that bolted down 1000+ pound safe out of my house, dude, you are welcome to them. far be it from me to get in your way. of course, you may have to deal with a 125 grain 0.357 inch diameter hollowpoint bullet delivered at 1200 feet per second by someone that can shoot like this 25 yards off hand in low light conditions (AND THERE ARE NO PLACES INSIDE MY HOUSE EVEN APPROACHING 25 YARDS IN A STRAIGHT LINE):

anyway, i subscribe to a newsletter from American Gunsmithing Institute. they have an amazing range of DVD's covering a large number of gun smithing topics that are usable by tinkerers like me. today, the president of the AGI sent out the following e-mail to all subscribers. since i'm a californian, and i am affected, you can bet i'll be sending my email to the governor. if you live in california, and you own or shoot firearms for any reason, you need to step up to the plate and act NOW. this is just another one of the small, incremental steps we've known to be the modus operandi of the gun grabbers in this state. pretty soon, i'll either be trying to sell my guns out of state, or become a criminal simply because they will have finally achieved their often stated goals of criminalizing gun ownership.

here's the email. read it, and act. and if you don't live in california, and think you are safe, think again. what starts in this state has a habit of spreading like syphilis at a liberal arts college. (hehe. not bad. that just bubbled up out of nowhere. appropriate, though).

oh, and before i forget: i not only renewed my NRA membership, but sprang (finally) for the life membership. yup, i'm officially a gun toting right wing nut job, and have the card to prove it.

To ALL: This is Serious. I don't normally send out politically related stuff but this is important because what starts in California can spread across the country. This is effectively a ammo ban and the Micro stamping is a Handgun ban, all based on Junk Science and lies. If you have firends in california please make them aware of what is happening and ask them to take action. This has PASSED the assembly and the senate and is sitting ont the Governor's Desk. We need to get him to VETO them.
I have attached a copy of the letter I emailed, FAXed and will be mailing at the end of this email.

Please redistribute this action alert to others as soon as possible!!!!

The following bills are strongly opposed by sportsmen and other owners of firearms. Your contacts with the GOVERNOR in opposition are urgently needed now!!!

AB 821 (Nava) Ridley-Tree Condor Preservation Act - Would prohibit the use of lead ammunition for the hunting of big game and coyotes in the range of the California Condor. This would affect much of the Central Coast and Southern California hunting areas. Supporters claim it is hunter's ammunition that is responsible for lead poisoning in condors. If AB 821 becomes law, they have let it be known that they will be seeking a lead ammunition ban statewide. Anti-hunting groups know that the alternative to lead, (i.e.-copper bullets), is not as effective, will likely result in more crippling of animals, and is also toxic to condors. AB 821 is seen by them as laying the groundwork for a total ban on hunting next as it will allow them to claim that hunting should be stopped because no satisfactory ammunition is available that will not poison condors.!!!!

AB 1471 (Feuer) Microstamping - Would expand the definition of "unsafe handgun" to include semiautomatic pistols that are not designed and equipped with a microscopic array of characters that identify the make, model, and serial number of the pistol, and which are transferred in at least two places by imprinting onto each cartridge case when the firearm is discharged. This will enable identification of the registered owner.
Even though over 90% of handguns used in crime are stolen, the registered owner from whom the firearm was stolen would become the subject of a criminal investigation and possibly prosecution!

If signed into law, AB 1471`s requirements could soon be expanded to cover all firearms of any kind! And...if a criminal gets a hold of some of your spent cases (as from a shooting range) he can leave them at a crime scene and the police will come looking for you!! To make matters even worse, scientific studies have shown that any criminal can easily remove or defeat the microstamping technology with a minimum of effort!!!!


It is important that every sportsman and other owners of firearms immediately contact the Governor to oppose the above described two bills!!!

Mail: The Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger FAX: (916) 445-4633
Governor, State of California
State Capitol e-mail: http://gov.ca.gov/interact
Sacramento , Ca. 95814

Your action is needed now if we are to have success!!!
The Governor will act on these bills very soon!!
Please act today!!!

Here's an example of a letter I sent:

The Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger

By FAX 916-445-4633

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger:
This is junk science at its worst. This is an example of "the Camels nose under the tent" to BAN all Lead ammunition, thus ALL Ammunition. REdiculous, Unfair and just plain Wrong! Please Veto.
This lie is using the "handgun safety" law to CREATE A TOTAL BAN on Sales to lawful individuals. This technology Doesn't Work!!! - It's a lie. It is easily distorted and altered and even legitimate repairs will alter it thus making the owners criminals The DOJ own research shows it doesn't work. Again this is a Back-door method to create a total Ban on new handgun purchases by the Extreme Liberals. Please Veto!

The Assembly and Senate continue to act irresponsibly and without regard to the rights of legal, law biding citizens.

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