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Saturday, September 15, 2007

here's my email to the governator

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,
I have been following the progress of two bills, AB 821 (Nava) Ridley-Tree Condor Preservation Act, and AB 1471 (Feuer) Microstamping with some alarm.
Both are examples of the use of incrementalism towards a total ban of firearms in this state.
I am not a criminal. I do not engage in criminal activities. I store my firearms in a large, heavy fireproof safe. Yet the legislators in this state continue to try to take away my 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bare firearms as though I am a crazed drug addled thug.
By using the deceptive tactics of "it's for the environment", without taking into account there are no viable alternatives, seeking to ban lead bullets is just another example of muddled uninformed State Representatives (elected to represent the entire population, not just some vocal and politically sexy segment) utilizing bogus science to force their agenda down our throats.
Regarding the microstamping bill, I can hardly believe there are those people backing this act can have law enforcement in mind. Any day of the week I can go to a shooting range and collect spent shell casings. Since I reload my ammunition, would my recycling brass now put me in danger of prosecution because brass I collect may have stamps that could be traceable to a crime? Or if my brass was collected and used, I would again be at risk.
Neither of these bills show the slightest hint of common sense. I urge you to veto both.


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Blogger jeffox said...

A well written letter, imo, Bo. I'm certain that your letter won't be the only one finding its way to the Governor's desk. I also think that Gov. Swartzenegger is wise enough to recognize nonsense bills when he sees them. Best of luck to you on this issue.

As for me, while I consider myself a moderate with liberal tendencies, I am definitely not one for any kind of gun control measures. We have enough effective laws in that regard, imo. Here in the upper midwest, hunting is far too endemic to the culture to make any "control measures" viable anyway. If this issue came up in Minnesota or Wisconsin, I would do the same thing you did.

Thanks, Bo; these last two posts were quite informative and spot-on.

9/15/07, 3:43 PM  
Blogger reddog said...

Waste of paper, Bollman. I wrote to him about cutting through the red tape to import small, clean burning, fuel injected, water cooled, urban scooters, like the Sonic RS 125, that Honda makes and sells in Thailand, into this country. They get over 100 mpg around town. Didn't even answer me back.

Don't ya just love Kalifornia. My advice, move to Idaho. Nuke friendly. Gun friendly. Potatoes and pommacious fruits, what more could you want.

9/16/07, 4:43 AM  
Blogger bothenook said...

yeah, i know it's a waste of time. i'm pretty sure the politicians throughout time have taken their inboxes real and electronic and hit the delete key.
but i still have to try.

9/16/07, 7:52 AM  

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