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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

tomato macro with the new camera

tomato macro test
Originally uploaded by bothenook
so my camera died. hard. since not having a decent camera is NOT an option, i toodled off today and bought the latest generation Canon S5IS camera. this replaces my older and now dead S1IS. i really liked the camera, so i decided to go with the latest generation.
there are a few differences that will take some tinkering and time, but all in all, i like the way it functions and feels.
one thing that is going to be different is that the flash doesn't automatically pop up when needed. that's because they put a hot shoe above the cover, and i suppose they don't want the thing trying to open when a flash unit is attached.
i also got a memory card (4 gigs) for pennies compared to the 256meg flash cards i bought for the old camera.
technology progresses, and i straggle along behind the crowd trying to catch up.


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