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Friday, April 25, 2008

The Onion kills me.

if you look at my profile, you will see that i work at a university research facility. so the whole issue of obtaining grants, designing experiments, and running/analyzing those experiments isn't new territory. my weekly trip to The Onion, one of the premiere satire/parody humor sites burped up an absolutely spot on article about a researcher that runs into a little trouble with his project. one of the really sad things is that i showed this to a fellow wizard, and after reading it, he asked me if i'd checked it out with Snopes to see if it was true. i told him he needed to get out more.

and in keeping with the faux news thread, several Onion videos scream for sharing.

first, have you any illusions about who will be the next president? to quote "This country is based on the fantasy that the government is the voice of the people" found in Diebold accidentally leaks the winner strikes way too close to home.

and of course, if you watch the cable "news" channels, or listen to talk radio, you've seen this guy. funny thing is, i'm pretty sure the video predated the latest by al Zawahiri blasting Iran over who committed the 9/11 attacks two days ago.

sometimes parodies hit way too close to the bone.

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Blogger reddog said...

My most recent fave was the Greyhound Bus crash out of Albany, early last December.

It reminded me of the stuff that used to be in the National Lampoon in the late sixties and early seventies. Now there was a great magazine!

4/25/08, 2:31 PM  

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