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Monday, April 21, 2008

Reloading the 38 Special round

So I have a big box of 148 grain lead HBWC (hollowback wadcutters)
and I've been tinkering with different loads through both the 4 inch and 6 inch .357's, loaded as 38 Specials. Until this trip, i've not been too impressed with the accuracy of what is supposedly one of the truly accurate rounds in the handgun target shooting world. Until this week.

38 special reload test

click for bigger size

So the upper right target is 2.6 grains of Bullseye, and there are a bunch of shots fired, all off hand at 25 yards. I shot at an outdoor range, nice temps, no clouds, light breeze. i can't blame the weather.

the left two targets are 3.0 grains of Bullseye. the lower target was the final 6 rounds. A decent group, except one flier. the offhand accuracy, with my aging eyes, and coffee fueled hands is as good as it gets anymore. I guess i'll load the remaining 2841 rounds at 3.0 grains, and be happy with the results.

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Blogger reddog said...

Usually you just shoot .22s. What's the occasion.

.38s and .22s are very accurate because there is little recoil and target distances are short. Annie Oakley always used a .22. I think they are the most accurate of the two.

4/25/08, 2:40 PM  

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