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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Want to play grown-up "Where's Waldo"?

so i was visiting one of my very favorite non-submariner sailor bloggers, and found a really cool game. i don't think he realized he was issuing a gamer challenge (hell, maybe he did). reading his post cracked me up, especially his comments about how nice it would look on an airman in a swivel chair.

so finish reading this paragraph, and then come back and click on Multi-Cam images. so you are pretty good at finding things? think you have cut your teeth searching for Waldo with your kids through countless books and magazine pictures? how good are you? me, there were several pictures that i simply couldn't find the cammo in. pretty cool.

and once you have really honed your spotting skills, check out this UK Times article about an artist that's really raised the bar. now instead of finding Waldo in a picture or book, how about finding him somewhere on earth, with Google Earth?

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