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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Wednesday's weekly dose of Camille Paglia

so here it is, Wednesday again. we're bracing for a cold storm heading our way from siberia this coming week. brrrrr.
i like wednesday. one of the best reasons to do so is that Camille Paglia, my favorite liberal (but certainly not a libtard) publishes her weekly column over at salon.com. here's a taste of her latest:
this is a question a lot of us on the right have been asking for some time.....
As for Obama's appointment of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, what sense does that make except within parochial Democratic politics? Awarding such a prize plum to Hillary may be a sop to her aggrieved fan base, but what exactly are her credentials for that position? Aside from being a mediocre senator (who, contrary to press reports, did very little for upstate New York), Hillary has a poor track record as both a negotiator and a manager. And of course both Clintons constantly view the world through the milky lens of their own self-interest. Well, it's time for Hillary to put up or shut up. If she gets as little traction in world affairs as Condoleezza Rice has, Hillary will be flushed down the rabbit hole with her feckless husband and effectively neutralized as a future presidential contender. If that's Obama's clever plan, is it worth the gamble? The secretary of state should be a more reserved, unflappable character -- not a drama queen who, even in her acceptance speech, morphed into three different personalities in the space of five minutes.

and on the Mumbai terror killings:
Meanwhile, an area where too many in the mainstream media have been oddly AWOL is in the response to the attack on Mumbai, India, two weeks ago by a squad of Pakistan-based terrorists, who killed nearly 200 people. Reaction in the U.S. was somewhat muted because the protracted standoff occurred over the Thanksgiving holiday, when many Americans were traveling or absorbed in family business. But I was troubled by a persistent soft-pedaling of the identification of the attackers as Muslims --as if the mere reporting of that fact would be offensive and politically incorrect.

and of course:
The slaughter of the Hertzbergs and other Jews at Chabad House should be a wake-up call to Western liberals who believe that jihadism can be defeated through reason and happy talk. Only other Muslims can launch the stringent internal reform necessary to stomp this barbaric extremism out. But the events in Mumbai confirmed my opinion about the looming problem of a nuclear Iran: While I oppose all American military operations and bases in the Mideast, I continue to believe that Israel, whose security is directly threatened, has every right to take preemptive military action against Iran.

and who can ignore:
However, Cavett's piece on Sarah Palin was insufferably supercilious. With dripping disdain, he sniffed at her "frayed syntax, bungled grammar and run-on sentences." He called her "the serial syntax-killer from Wasilla High," "one who seems to have no first language." I will pass over Cavett's sniggering dismissal of "soccer moms" as lightweights who should stay far, far away from government.

I was so outraged when I read Cavett's column that I felt like taking to the air like a Valkyrie and dropping on him at his ocean retreat in Montauk in the chichi Hamptons. How can it be that so many highly educated Americans have so little historical and cultural consciousness that they identify their own native patois as an eternal mark of intelligence, talent and political aptitude?

sorry. there is so much intelligence written in her columns that one is tempted to just cut and paste the whole damned thing. there are a few things i don't agree with in this week's column, but by and large it's more informed and well written than many, if not most, of the "right wing conservative" blogs and articles posted this week. i wish she'd wake up and smell the coffee, and come to the dark side. but with mouths like hannity, o'rielly and their ilk, i can't say i really blame her.
here. follow this link to read the whole thing.



Blogger Spiff said...

I noticed the cartoonists t-shirt, would it not be better if Che was shown with the upper caption "A good Terrorist", his picture with a bullet hole between his eyes, captioned below with "Is a dead Terrorist"...
Jack @ us1156@qmail.com

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