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Friday, January 02, 2009

Michael Totten asks the same question I do

but does it much, much better. Just what IS an appropriate level of response by the Israelis?
This has been THE topic of discussion by the low wattage, high profile talking heads and guest experts on the tube this week, and the reason for much of the world's ire regarding israeli response to the rockets fired into towns adjoining the gaza strip in the preceeding months.
from his blog:
There were, I suppose, other “proportionate” responses available aside from killing one Palestinian and two Israelis. The Israel Defense Forces might have launched thousands of air strikes against targets in Gaza to match the thousands of Qassam rockets fired at the cities of Sderot and Ashkelon. It’s unlikely, however, that this is what Israel’s critics have in mind.

So what do they have in mind? What would a legitimate and “proportionate” response actually look like? Surely they don’t believe Israel should scrap its sophisticated weapons systems, build Qassam rockets, and launch those at Gaza instead.

The “disproportionate response” crowd doesn’t seem to mind that Israel struck back at Hamas per se. They aren’t saying Israel should only be allowed to negotiate with its enemies or that any use of force whatsoever is wrong. They’re clearly saying Israel should use less force, inflict less damage, or both.

One problem here is that it’s not at all clear how they think Israelis should go about doing it. The weapons used by each side can’t be the same. No one has ever said Israel ought to put its superior weapons systems in cold storage until Hamas can develop or purchase something similar. Presumably Israel is allowed to use its superior technology as long as the casualty count on each side is proportionate.

But how would that work in practice? A single Israeli air strike is going to kill at least as many people as Hamas can kill in twelve months. Does that mean Israel should be given a “license” of one air strike per year to use in the war? If IDF commanders want to take out a target where they expect five Hamas leaders or fighters to be killed, do they have to wait until five Israelis are killed first? If the Israelis endure rocket fire until one civilian is killed, do they get a “kill one Palestinian terrorist” coupon?
i suggest wandering over to his site and read the whole article. appropriate response? kill someone in my family, and i'd find a way to level the whole damned place. barbarian, yeah, but that's the way it is. i would protect my family, and would demand the government do its job. that job.... protect my family. i guess hamas misjudged the resolve in isreal after the fiasco that was the lebanese incursion striking against hezbolla.



Blogger beebs said...

Israel is a bandit nation that deserves to be pushed into the sea.

They stole the land of the Palestinians and frankly have no right to exist in the state they have stolen.

Perhaps they could be resettled to Alaska. I'm certain we could avoid a Dunkirk.

1/2/09, 9:42 AM  
Blogger Subvet said...

Beebs, what do you have to back up these bizarre allegations?

1/2/09, 10:43 AM  
Blogger reddog said...

Every time Israel trashes Gaza they play into the hands of the Palestinians.

Opinion shifts further away from Israel and toward the Arabs.

This is evident in this country as secular Jews assimilate more and more, becoming invisible. The face of Judaism the public sees increasingly becomes the fundamentalist factions. I don't live in Crowne Heights but there is a Lubavitcher community in my area. Believe me, they are not ambassadors of good will.

There is not much support for Israel around here. The many Muslim members of the community are pleasant, outgoing, hardworking and do not present as glaring, evil, whack job, zealots.

1/3/09, 12:46 PM  

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