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Thursday, January 01, 2009

sometimes the the comments are better

than the original post. not exactly true in this regard, but still.. go check out the comments to this newspaper blog entry. by the way, christopher hitchins went up a notch in my esteem list following that video.
a taste:
Hitchens remarks to the audience, ‘None of you is smarter than George Bush.’

But I’m sure the Maher audience is packed with Harvard MBAs who can fly jet fighters. No doubt many have been general managers of major league baseball franchises and quadrupled their value. The audience must be wall-to-wall with former two-term governors of large states and former two-term presidents of the United States. And you can bet most of Maher’s audience have liberated 50 million people from tyranny.

lotocoti replied to lyle:
I’ve discovered from discussions with work colleagues, (some of whom actually completed their journalism degree before they got into the business) that reminding them of the President’s fairly extensive idiot-precluding past, is trumped by the counter argument: “Well he just is.”
Similarly, when the moronitude of Governor Palin is mentioned, agreeing that holding a degree in journalism doesn’t signify any particular intelligence, creates an atmosphere which is distinctly frosty.

tip o' the dixie cup to Willyshakes

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