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Monday, March 09, 2009

visiting the greater Pacific NorthWest

so here i am, sitting in the lobby of a hotel in Kent Washington. cold. windy, snowing...wait a minute. did he say SNOW? ayup. we left Sacramento under clear skies and 60s degree weather, to land in a damned snow storm.
you should have seen me driving. me driving in snow. i suppose i should have called ahead to the state police so they could clear the roads of traffic, as a public service. but we made it. mom's 75th birthday is why we made the trip. well, one of the reasons.
our family is kind of spred out, so the rarity of all four siblings under one roof makes this a memorable endevour. so i'll enjoy, and then head back home tomorrow, to where the sun shines, and when the roads are wet, it's because RAIN is falling, not that chrystalized fluffy stuff they have here......



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3/9/09, 2:08 PM  
Blogger reddog said...

Beer and steamers!!!

3/11/09, 5:10 AM  

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