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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

remember "Jesus is coming. Look busy'?

well, the Onion reports his dad is visiting churches to see what's what.
"Turns out the King of Kings was just making the rounds," Stiehl continued. "I thought He'd be taller."

While God did not reveal unto man a reason for His visit—nor did He, in His great wisdom, offer to pay for the six stained-glass windows that shattered from the awesome power of His presence—the Almighty sat among His followers for the last 35 minutes of the Sunday service, as well as the free coffee and pastries that followed.

laughed my ass off



Blogger reddog said...

He spends a couple hours with me on Wednesday evenings. We're shaping a couple of custom guns in my back shed. Once they're glassed we're going to the North shore. Smoke a little reefer, sleep on the beach, ride that Southern swell.

I'm a little too old for it but I figure if I'm wingin' it with the big guy, how much trouble can I get in.

He's really got a good eye for carving a blank.

4/23/09, 1:05 AM  

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