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Thursday, May 14, 2009

file this under "you have got to be kidding"

seems this family had a pool. and a doggie door, and a kid. this is a recipe for bad news, innit?
so the two year old kid crawled through the door, and ended up face down in the pool.
what's a parent to do? why, sue the manufacturer of the door.
i'm sorry their child drowned. truly. but where in the hell were the parents? and what culpability is it of the manufacturer of a dog door, that the parents had installed in their house, which a kid smaller than the dog the door was intended for could crawl through and meet its fatal end?
wtf is wrong with our society? is there no longer any sort of personal culpability, or responsibility? oh my god, my kid died. it HAS to be the fault of someone else, because anything else is unimaginable.
idiots. sad, but they are still idiots

edit: i just did a search on this, and apparently i'm not the only one that is somewhat flummoxed by this lawsuit. the comments posted here seem to mirror my own. where ever cape may county is, i would probably fit in!



Blogger Subvet said...


If you let your toddler wander around unsupervised you can bet there's gonna be trouble. Period.

5/15/09, 6:45 PM  
Blogger bothenook said...

yup. i'm not making light of the family's sorrow and pain, but holy crap, batman.

5/15/09, 10:11 PM  
Blogger Nereus said...

It is a sad thing that our judicial system is constipated with this kind of tripe. I recently read a news article about a man who's car was stolen and invloved in a fatal accident while in use by the thieves was being sued because it was his car that killed the boy in the accident.

5/16/09, 7:56 PM  

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