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Friday, July 24, 2009

creeping internationalism

to quote a listener comment on the best internet radio station Radio Paradise
Yes, this is a cover of Mulatu Astatqe's "A Man Of Experience And Wisdom" which is an excellent tune captured on an excellent album (part of an Ethiopian music sampler series) Ethiopiques Vol. 4. I really dig tunes like this that are 30+ years old. Now we have a Cambodian band covering Ethiopian music which is really a trip because the music of Mr. Astatqe is based on his Ethiopian roots blended with his musical knowledge based on Western music schools. He was kind of the reverse of a lot of the American jazz artists (D. Byrd, J. Coltrane, H. Hancock etc) who were getting AFRICAN rythms into their music. So this tune went from a Western influence to Africa to Cambodia... and nobody got hurt. What a wonderful world.
As you can read from the comment,there is blending of music from around the world that i think can only improve the overall quality/variety of music we all listen to. i find this happening in the food world too. i am a big fan of taking elements from many cuisines to make something entirely new, intriguingly flavorful, and wonderfully surprising. some internationalism, in the case of music and food, i can get behind!


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