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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wednesday afternoon diversions

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i remember thinking as a kid that the best jobs in the world were doctors and lawyers. i caddied at the local country club during the summer, and those dudes were out every Wednesday, playing golf instead of working.
as a seasoned adult, i still have to work during Wednesdays because i chose to play with nuclear reactors rather than be a doctor, but i get to play at the range on the way home from work.
i've been practicing a lot on the 50 yard range lately, and it is amazing how rapidly the skills needed to shoot that distance off hand have developed. it helps if you have pistols capable of shooting very small groups at 50 yards, and these .22s fit the bill.
to see the steel plate and what the target looks like at 50 yards, visit my flickr set
happy shooting.


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