Sunday, June 03, 2018

Been doing some cooking with fire lately....yay summer!

Had a couple of weekends worth of playing outside, firing up the bo-bq and the smoker. It's good to be a carnivore.
dry rub thin cut pork chops over hickory chips. 225 deg F and maybe an hour....it will be eatin' time">
Thin cut chops in the smoker. Oh yeah

enough for two, don't you think?
Shrimp, veg and marinated chicken thighs prepped and ready to go on the kabob grill. Life is good

marinated tri-tip and marinated chicken. The old "bo-bq" is getting its workout today
Who doesn't like tri-tip and onions?

Bo-BQ IN ACTION. ´╣░First kabobs of the season
so yeah, had some chicken on the kabob grill aka bo-bq. Did a bunch for a retirement party a couple of weeks ago. Lots of chicken. yeah, lots.


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