Sunday, December 16, 2018

New way for me to spend my kid's inheritance

Brand new CZ527 American in 7.62x39. Topped it with a 3x9x40 glass

So I just picked up my brand new CZ 527 American in 7.62x39. Why that caliber? Cheap, easy to obtain military surplus ammo, of which I have a bunch, and this rifle is actually made to shoot mil-surp ammo. Score...

Put a 3x9 variable scope with a 40mm objective on the CZ supplied scope rings...mainly because the American comes without sights.... and bore sighted it with the bolt removed. I put it on bags, looked through the barrel, lined it up on the target, then adjusted the scope to indicate at least close to the point of impact.
Bore sighted the new scope at 50 yards. This is the first shot out of my new CZ 527 American off bags at 50 yards.  Think I'll keep it.
This is the first shot out of my new rifle with the bore sighted scope. Not bad, even if I say so myself....


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