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Saturday, June 26, 2004


i've been spending the little free time i have working on my rental so that i can sell it. long sad boring story.
one of the rooms was painted midnight purple. full gloss, frickin enamel. we have used so much primer and paint in that house in the last 5 weekends that it is now certifiable in the state of california as earthquake proof.
so i pull the sink, vanity and toilet out of the bathroom, for a linoleum job. looks damned good. new light fixture, new medicine cabinet, new vanity and sink. old toilet. one of the "drought friendly low flow" jobs i installed when we lived in the house. tank leaked when i put it together, had to take it apart, use a ton of plumbers putty, but it held. new wax ring. new fastners. tightening down the bowl fastners. just a leeeetle bit more. ok. i stand up and the damned bowl starts cracking at supersonic speeds. so i guess the bathroom will have a new toilet as well. sux to be me today.



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