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Monday, June 28, 2004

wall to wall mike moore. yawn

so, ya going to see MM's new opus? oh, you already have? think it was factual? if the answer is yes, then please examine just ONE critique of moore's previous works here. every documentary he's done has been shredded by people that don't have an axe to grind with him. let's just say moore plays fast and loose with the facts to make up his own reality.
my view of moore is that he is the left's answer to Ann Coulter without the looks, or maybe Michael Savage with the looks.

by the way, Spinsanity is a pretty good place to get the dross and chaff knocked off of the latest news. they smack the crap out of both sides of the isle when it comes to BS'ing the public. they lean a little left, but all in all try to be fair and objective.

cool news in the middle east. i think it was a stroke of genius performing the handover to the interim iraqi government 2 days ahead of schedule. kind of jerked the rug out from under any public horror shows that may have been planned for the 30th. we really did see history made today. this is years sooner than any other occupation we've participated in for turnover to the locals. now, i know that we have our hands jammed up to the elbows up the interim govt.'s keister, and we are moving their mouths, but that is pretty much par for the course historically as well.

so what has been accomplished since 9/11/01? for a brief time, america stood as one (sort of, mostly, because we all know the idiots that believe the U.S. is always wrong, all the time). that was amazing. what else?

  • dropped the taliban on their heads

  • got the paki's and the indians to talk to each other and quit threatening to lob nukes at each other. that was good. we needed the paki's to whack the taliban, and they came through for us. not bad for a country a year earlier that was in the cross hairs of possible us/un sanctions for being a bunch of butt heads

  • we took out two of the worst murderers in modern history, and tossed their shaggy assed dad in the slammer after digging him out of a hole

  • we pissed off the french ... snip out germans, because spieler was right....ignoring them, which then placed their sweetheart oil for food kickback programs in the wastecan. that's not a bad thing

  • got the north koreans talking instead of threatening. no small feat, that. guess the fact that the u.s. might just go in and kick some heiny instead of standing on the sidelines wringing our collective hands came across loud and clear

  • ditto above for kahdaffi, or quaddaffi, or however the hell you spell his name. no more weapons programs, dismantling the ones in progress, agreeing to international inspections, and suddenly a voice of reason after being a homebase for terrorists for 2 decades... good work george.

  • iran sat up fast and looked around, and discovered there were american troops right over....there. close enough to smell the gun oil. they've been keeping a low profile, although they did poke the brits in the eye last week with the three boatloads of marines and supplies.

  • old Putin went before the world press a couple of weeks ago, and told everyone what they had told the U.S. prior to our invading iraq...hussien was planning/funding terrorist attacks against american soil and american interests abroad. that was pretty brave of him, considering he squawked as loudly as the french and germans did, and for the same reasons...iraqi oil, and monies owed by saddam to other govt's. i think that was probably the final straw, since the russian intellegence agencies are still deeply dug in in many parts of the world.

we've lost over 700 troops in a little over a year. this is sad, and it's horrible, and i feel for each and every one of their families. but, having said that: every single individual in military uniform is there voluntarily. every one of them. there is no such thing as the draft, no press gangs rolling through town collecting likely suspects. there were more deaths in Detroit from January to now vs. deaths in iraq. sad. but i don't see the politicians on their soapboxes decrying the loss of american lives in u.s.

oh, and there have been no airplanes flown into buildings, or poison gas released, or trucks full of explosives driven into malls since the clamps were put on. as much as i hate the patriot act, i can only point to the results.

whew. that was long winded. think i'll shut up, and get back to work

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Blogger bothenook said...

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6/28/04, 9:56 PM  
Blogger bothenook said...

found an interesting article on the sfgate website. this is a lonely, lonely man in san francisco, and i for one look forward to his articles. buried in the middle somewhere is a discussion of Putin's report regarding iraqi plans for raising hate and discontent. here is the link

6/28/04, 9:59 PM  
Blogger bothenook said...

my amigo in germany corrected me regarding germans on the oil for food issue. i went out and checked, and he was right. my apologies, and i fixed it in the blog. lots of french, russian, even brit and american names, no germans.

6/29/04, 4:01 PM  

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