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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

the ever expanding quest for my old bookmarks

so, sometimes i'm smarter than the average bear. not usually, but sometimes. i've been known to email myself cool websites i've found while surfing in other climes, or if i get one emailed to me from an amigo. here are a couple of them, and this way i can actually bookmark them too.

very cool stuff:

Submarine Channel. this is nothing like what you think it is. it's a tres cool site with interactive flash modules for different graphic novels and other neat stuff. check out "the killer". one of my fav's and i've actually gone back and watched it several times. unusual for me.

FHM games. some pretty neat games for the price of registering. i'm not a game person, but i must admit that they have a couple that are freaking addicting. stay away if mesmerized by bright shiney objects, or near nekkid women for that matter, since we all know what FHM magazine is all about, right? i will say that this was posted on a links forum from a previous life. (did that sound convincing?)

Cockeyed. cool sacramento site, but you don't need to know anything about sacto to laugh your keister off at some of the funny stuff herein.

My Cat Hates You. i crack up every time i visit this site. glad i mailed the url to myself a long time ago. went back tonight, and i'm still chuckling. hohoho. and follow some of the linked sites from the main page, there are some real gems.

ok, enough bookmarking for one night. i still have a bunch left in the inbox, so this may take a couple of days to wade through.
this is fun. hope i'm not boring you


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