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Thursday, July 29, 2004

unconfirmed reports about al zarqawi's capture

one of the really bad actors in this whole iraqi hostage beheading imbroglio is Mo al Zarqawi. there have been reports bouncing around the web about his capture. Command Post is following this, and updating as info comes along. another blogger at Satr has been following it as well. guess i'll watch and see what developes. the gov. says they don't have him, but that would be cool if they are just wringing him out to get info on more murderers before announcing they have him in custody.
and Command Post GWOT also has info regarding a $25million bad guy that the paki's have captured. if it was osama, we'd know by now, but i would just love to be in the room when an aide leaned over and whispered in kerry's ear that bin laden had been captured. oh, the dem's would be spinning so hard they'd start fires under their feet. "you had him all along, and only brought him out now to kill the elections!" would be the loudest sqawk. tell you what, i don't care when they catch that bastard, as long as it's sooner and not later.
oh, and poor poor saddam, his health is poor. read it while looking around Pravda. no link to a "major american daily" yet, but i'm sure we'll be hearing about it.


Blogger Allan said...

According to a blurb from AP in my local paper today, Saddam's afflicted with a prostate infection.

Serves him right.

7/29/04, 7:05 PM  

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