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Monday, July 19, 2004

why socialism and its pandering to unions fails

ok, so we have it pretty damned good here in the usa. unless you talk to someone from canada, france, germany or any of the other "socialist" countries that take extraordinary care of their populace from cradle to grave.

guess what. someone has to pay for all of those benefits. seems the germans are slowly but surely coming to realize that the "old way" just isn't working. their auto worker union is getting that lesson handed to them attached to the back end of a shovel...across the head. hummmm, let's see, you get some of the greatest benefits in the world, but we are no longer able to keep the doors open because of how much we are paying into the system for those benefits. take a zillion dollar cut, or we close and move to south africa, where they want to work, and for a lot less money.

it's a hard, harsh world out there. and guess what? the folks that are paying and paying and paying and paying...are starting to say WTF? that goes for this country as well.


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