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Friday, August 06, 2004

first pix

ok, this is going to be kinda stoopid, but i had to take a couple of pix with the new camera when i got home from work.

this first shot is a 5 inch target tacked on the wall above my reloading bench. it was taken from across a two car garage at 10x, then the image reduced to 1/4 original size saved on the camera. oh, this is a reloading target. i shot this one at 25 yards offhand, using 230 grain ball ammo, two magazines of 7 each. i'll have to go look to see what the powder/primer/depth values were. this is a keeper load.

and this is a 50 foot target. center of mass was for checking point of aim. the head is 50 rounds of .357 and 50 rounds of 38 special out of a 686 S&W 6 inch barrel. the left side shoulder is 9mm, 50 rounds of 125 grain ball by dynomit nobel out of a borrowed S&W 5906. don't like the trigger on this gun, not very accurate. the right side shoulder is my favorite .45 acp load in 230 grain ball ammo out of a para-ordinace LDA 7-45. it is also 50 rounds. it was a very good day at the range.

oh, i'm not sending any messages here. this target hangs on the garage side of the door into my house.

if you look closely, you can see i was cutting out the center bull by shooting out it's border with the 45, but i got bored with that.. it was a really good day at the range.

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