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Friday, August 13, 2004

howdy from the high seas

well, here we are, transiting from skagway to victoria, bc. we'll be at sea all day today and get into victoria around 5 pm (1700 for those of you who know how to tell real time)tomorrow. it hasbeen a glorious trip. the weather has been perfect, no rain, no cloudy days. just beautiful sunsine. we've seen orcas, humpback whales, and tons of dolphins racing the ship. we are on the 8th cruise of this new ship, and you just have to experience it to get the full impact. can you tell i'm loving it?
i haven't seen a newspaper or television news since we left, and i intend on keeping that streak going all the way until i get home. i did notice as the screen came up here at the old shipboard internet cafe, that julia child has passed away. so long julia, you gave thousands of us youngsters great meals by showing our moms that while beenie weenies are good, there was a lot more good food easily made. so long madame. you will be missed.
well, enough pratting about. i'm on my way to the sun deck, a tall (did i mention tall?) long island ice tea, some sun and a couple of pools full of boisterous youngsters.
did i mention tall?


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