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Friday, September 17, 2004

a couple of things mined from yahoo news

ok, so it's not an unimpeachable source, but good for a quick look around before heading to bed.

here's one that just frickin' boils my blood:
In the statement, Basayev blamed President Vladimir Putin) for the tragedy
which of course refers to the horrific school massacre in russia, uttered by the leader of the group claiming responsibility. anyone that twisted, that can in any way publicly utter those words after what his group did, needs to die. i mean dead with prejudice. wiped out. nuked. obliterated. and any members of his group still alive. i hope the russians go in and simply level the entire region this dude is operating out of. screw the civilian losses. revenge is not pretty. and this is one of the times revenge is warranted. turn the other cheek? only if it brings my dominant eye into play as i'm focusing on your ass down the gunsites

and then there is this little gem:

stolen from yahoo daily news pictures. so what's the little girl crying for? see that big bad man, wearing an IUPAT (that's a union, not a univ. Indiana campus like i thought earlier...my bad...sorry) sweatshirt holding half of a torn sign? see the little girl holding the other half of the sign? it was a team bush poster, at the airport where kerry was landing. now isn't that just special? based on the look dad has, and the fact that he is still holding his daughter, and not kicking that stupid idiot's ass, shows the moron chose his target well. a 3 year old girl held by her dad. indiana, is this the caliber of your union members? moron.

edited to fix my stupidity and mistakes. sorry indiana/perdue. i'll slink off now.


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