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Friday, September 24, 2004

ouch, ouch, ouch

oh, dan rathernot must be crapping tacks and roofing nails about now. while perusing the wall street journal online opinion magazine today (a great daily exercise for those that want to be in the know) i came across this little tidbit. now, please don't get me wrong. i like reading about die hard democrats jumping ship. really, i do. but this makes me a little suspicious, since all of the house organs of the media giant viacom have been in collusion regarding pimping anti-bush books and interviews this political season, ranging from the top to bottom media blitz of richard clark's now discredited book, to joe wilson's foray into the publicity mill touting his literary scat, to now blathergate and the forged memos. wonder if "good for viacom" doesn't mean "survival of viacom" when the dust settles. one way or the other, this cannot be good news for the kerry camp.


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