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Thursday, January 27, 2005

pictures available of the uss san francisco in dry dock

oh man, did those guys hit, and hard. it's one thing to hear about the collision, and how things were jumbled and tumbled. it's another thing entirely to see the boat in drydock.
the link is for rob schumacher's blog, which i'd previously linked in the submariner's section.

joel the bubblehead over at the stupid shall be punished has links to pix as well, with commentary and responses from the sub community.

when i was in submarines, i always put faith in the boat, but knew there were things that could happen. when i got out, and worked as a nuclear test engineer at Mare Island, i saw the boats disassembled, dissected, gutted, torn apart, fixed, and put back together. then we tested the hell out of them. when i look at those pictures, all i can think of (aside from shear awe that the crew made it back) is what a hell of a time non-nuke test group is going to have assessing, repairing, and retesting that mess. gives me headache, just thinking about the paperwork.


Blogger Allan said...

Holy crap!

That is amazing.

1/27/05, 10:45 PM  
Blogger Rob said...

Thankfully we make 'em well. It's not many ships that can go mano-a-mano with a mountain and come home from it. It's terrible that MM2(SS) Ashley was killed, but given the nature of the accident (ahead flank, 30+ knots, 500 ft. down, head on hit on a mountain), it's a testament to the ship and crew that it wasn't a lot worse.

I'd say we can be proud of the San Francisco and her crew...very proud. That's what subs and submariners are made of!

1/28/05, 12:02 AM  

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