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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

today's funny from bill

Subject: Towel Heads

Recently I received a warning about the use of this politically incorrect term, so please note, we all need to be more sensitive in our choice of words.
I have been informed that the Islamic terrorists who hate our guts and want to kill us do not like to be called "Towel Heads" since the item they wear on their heads is not a towel but actually a small, folded sheet. Therefore, from this point forward, please refer to them as

"Little Sheet Heads."


Blogger Macbeau said...

That's almost as good as the hoopla a little over a year ago about our troops using 5.56 NATO ammo made by IMI (Israeli Military Industries) and how it might offend the Haji's to be capped by infidels using ammo made by jooooos. Wouldn't want to offend them on their way to collect on their 72 Virginians, I guess. I believe Barbra Boxer was the one who brought it up... That's why Winchester "white box" .223 ammo (Q3131x) is widely available right now. Humpf? Go figure.

1/25/05, 1:57 PM  

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