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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

a snippet of a conversation

my wife and i went to napa monday to visit friends. one of our stops was at the napa valley coffee roasting company. the round table in the corner window has been the scene of many a lively conversation. most of my friends in napa are regulars there weekend mornings.
one of the folks i have had my most lively sparring matches with, tim, is a dyed in the wool, hard-core, anti-government, anti just about everything i'm for, left wing democrat. monday, he sported his Impeach Bush button. so, you probably know someone like him. conspiracy is how our government operates, yadda yadda yadda. having said that, i really like the guy. he's smart, articulate, an extremely talented photographer, and easy to get fired up. he has a huge ON button attached directly over his heart. it's almost not a challenge to find something to get him fired up over, and that makes for great conversations. he and i had been talking about the differences between our old stomping grounds in napa, and my new turf in vacaville. one of the things i mentioned was that i would be going to the sheriff's office to see if i can get a concealed carry permit in our new county. napa is notoriously anti-gun when it comes to that sort of thing. for that matter, the whole friggin' state of california is.
anyway, a friend of his came in, and was introduced. i didn't hear, or it wasn't said, what the friend does for a living. tim mentioned that we had moved to vacaville, and that i was interested in obtaining a permit. friend asks why? my response: to exercise my second amendment right. friend shakes his head, and states: "that's not good enough". (note: unfortunately, in this state, actually having a constitutionally guaranteed right does not mean you can exercise it.) friend then states that the police department in vacaville is worse than the oakland p.d. i asked in what way? his response: "they are the worst violators of civil rights around". my response left him and tim at a loss for words: "well, if you don't break any laws, you won't have to deal with the police".
i guess the irony of his bitching about the lack of sensitivity to law breaker's civil rights, and my not being able to exercise one of mine was lost on him.
all in all, a great way to start the day!


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