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Friday, January 14, 2005

ranting about La Conchita snivels

i feel really bad for the folks in La Conchita. you know, that tiny town in ventura county that had a huge mud slide take out a number of homes and killed something like 10 people. it is never good when people die from a natural catastrophe, be it tsunamis or slides. but i have to tell you that i'm incensed after listening to the news today.

what pissed you off nook, you may ask. that's easy. "waaa, the government didn't do anything to stop this". it's all the county's fault. after listening to all of the news that has come out of that area for the last couple of days, i've gleaned the following:
  • this has happened here before, in the 90's
  • the county erected a large steel and wood retaining wall to mitigate any damage that might occur from similar events
  • the county posted warning signs, and verbally warned the residents that the retaining wall would not protect them completely
  • these folks live at the base of a steep hill/cliff with lots of loose soil which has shown a tendency to slide during heavy rains
  • these people continued to live there, knowing the danger

so why is it the government's fault? imagine the cacophony that would have been raised had the county condemned this area as unsafe for habitation?
i'm sorry that these people have experienced such a devastating event. i'm not at all sympathetic. it's like an adult that picks up a loaded revolver, looks down the barrel, and then pulls the trigger to see what would happen. the end result is obvious, and any surprise on the family's part is misplaced.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, the retaining wall wasn't in the least intended to restrain the full weight of the hillside. It's only purpose was to stop those small little slides and rolling rocks that are a normal part of the hill.


1/15/05, 12:52 PM  
Blogger bhd said...

I'm reminded of the awful flooding of the Mississippi a decade back. Rivers flood. That's what they do. That's what they've done since time immemorial. And attempting to stop that only makes it worse.

But we live in a society that requires blame, and that time the Army Corps of Engineers shouldered some of it. We're a pretty arrogant species, dontcha think?

1/16/05, 9:22 AM  
Blogger Edvardicus said...

Live by a river, get flooded. Live on an earthquake fault, get shaken. Live in a trailer in Kansas, get blown away by a tornado. Live in Florida, get blown away by a hurricane. If it isn't one thing its another. Life sucks, don't expect the government to bail you out if your dumb as a bag of boiled gravel. Why should my tax dollars rebuild the gulf coast. Its a red state anyway. Big wind blows your house down? Tough you're homeless, deal with it. Live in the forest and a fire burns you out? Big deal...Quit your whining. Dam breaks and floods your home? Wah wah wah. Who needs electricity and drinking water any way? By the way, why should we pay for crops wiped out by cotton rust. If your dumb enough to be a cotton farmer tough luck, you shouldn't ask me to pay your business expenses. While we're at it lets stop spending tax dollars on research and development for pharmaceuticals and biologicals. That's what private industry is for. Pay for your own medicine you pussies.

1/16/05, 4:10 PM  
Blogger Road Ranger said...

Nature will have her way, but in the case of La Conchita nature was vastly helped by the growers above them.

I grew up in L.C. from 1959 through 1994 full time and in ALL those years NEVER did we have streams and rivers coming down the the canyons with the exception of one.

After growers planted their Avocados not only did we have streams coming down ALL the canyons but you could even see the seepage coming from out of the cliffs, even during th HOTTEST summers.

Warning, Warning, Warning one other bad thing is in La Conchita, a SNITCH named John Lyons who also likes to threaten children and others. He is bad news as a human and is also a dealer in Steroids and Meth.

Ladies beware do NOT go out with this scum as as he pron to serious steroid rage and is DANGEROUS.

Good luck La Conchita, you are braver then me as no way would I return to live there as long as they have those ranches above.

To th state of California, it would be cheaper to do something now then wait for the day the mountain flows completely across the town over the freeway and a few hundred feet out to sea.

The costs of the 101 being xhut down for a few months while you repair and do what you should be doing now will cost one HELL of a few hundred million dollars more then if you fix it now.

12/14/07, 4:15 PM  

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