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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

looking for info about the grounding of the San Francisco?

i've seen a number of search entry links from folks looking for info about the SSN-711 grounding, and thought i'd do a public service.

if you want to know what's going on, i.e. the latest rumors, straight skinny, wild ass speculation, or any other issue regarding the past, current, or future of submarine warfare, and the crazy idiots that ride them, please visit Ron Martini's Submarine Bulletin Board. or as we call it, rontini's house of verbal dispute. hey, we may all have been sailors, but we don't always agree. please visit, but if you are a troll, remember, this group collectively; fought the japanese, the cold war, and many are currently patrolling the oceans. amongst this group there are knuckle draggers and techno wizards. not a group you want to mess with unless you have absolute bullet-proof spoofing. they can and will find you, and you may find find yourself duct-taped to the overhead, prussian blue dye smeared all over your head (ask me sometime: it'll cost ya a beer to find out what THAT'S all about) and a serious case of the thumps.
for all the non-trolls, check it out.

oh, there are a couple of other submariner bloggers, and they are trying to stay up with the current info. their links are at the bottom of the blog-links. stop by and tell 'em bo sent ya.


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