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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

a dose of good news from afghansitan

i've been wandering around the blogosphere, chasing links and whatnot, and found this blog. chrenkoff has quite a good number of postitive posts about what is happening in our name in agfhanistan, and the "good news from afghanistan part 8" linked above is simply another great post in a long list of posts. in it, he delineates just how many good things are going on in that country. i'm proud of the accomplishments our military and state dept., in conjunction with the afghani people. we took the reins, and the result is beyond even the wildest speculation. i hope you take the time to explore what is going on, by reading the article. you won't see or hear of most of what is going on in the media here in the us, mainly because it shows a positive result. we all know by now that the majority of media outlets in this country hesitate publishing anything that might show our current administration in any way other than incompetent. sad, because as americans, we have a lot to be proud of.

a very quick quote from the article:
"His fellow tribesman, Sarwar Akhund, goes one step further: Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar and terror kingpin Osama bin Laden, he charges, tricked followers like him into believing they were fighting a holy war against infidels, 'when really they just wanted to consolidate their own seats of power.' If allowed back into society, he pledges to 'do whatever I can' to help kill or capture the fugitive leaders.

maybe we can get these guys to take on the other enemy of america, mike al-moor


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