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Friday, February 11, 2005

the brave new world of the information age

let's see. dan rather got his eyebrows burned off from the flash of the blog bomb that hit him. try to pull a shady sneaky underhanded trick, and there will be someone out there with enough know-how and is connected to the world via the blogosphere that will call you on it. now eason jordan got his hand blown off by the same grenade he tried throwing at the american military. so he's stepping down, the "prevent cnn from being tarnished" or some such crap. michelle malkin posts quite a roundup of the activities that lead to jordan's demise. one thing she reports is that the dreaded MSM (in a survival tactic) is saying the blogosphere "lynch mobbed" eason. all i ask is to be allowed to stand at least near the edge of the crowd when they take the mob scene picture. i'd like to show it to my grandkids that poppa was there when the stranglehold on news and information was torn from the hands of the MSM.

and what about the dreaded MSM? in sacramento, there is an ongoing flail i posted about last night regarding some folks that hung an american soldier in effigy. the news organizations here in the area (14 of them in the greater sacto area) all showed up last night with cameras and microphones. the general tone of the reports was that these people's first amendment rights were being squashed. they got a copy of a tape showing someone tearing down the display, and went on and on about how horrible this was. never once was there any questioning of the neighbors about their feelings. i would be in court sueing these idiot pinheads just for the loss of property value they've caused. but what really chaps my ass is that the marine mom, and the folks that live next door (the jews that have to look at the palistinian flag all the time) that filed a hate crime complaint were completely ignored. they were told that they wouldn't be interviewed because it would be "too controversial". the only place you can find anything about the folks that are not happy with the display was on the local newstalk radio station KFBK. they were the only ones that presented an opposing view of what is going on. too controversial, indeed. the only problem i have with just one source of information on what is going on is that the talk show host, mark williams, is something of a whackjob in his own right. entertaining, but myoptic at times. one thing he did mention is that this whole thing started just about the time of the auchwitz anniversary ceremonies. that coupled with the reported ongoing tensions between the part time sacto/part time berkeley lawyers (i guess you really can't do or say anything anymore that would badmouth lawyers that hasn't already been said or printed) and their jewish neighbors could very easily take this display from an in very poor taste political statement unto the realm of a hate crime. i know with the split between ideologies surrounding the iraqi war, it would not be too great a stretch to see some sort of violence coming from this. that would be a sad day for all, but especially for those that oppose this cruel spectacle. it would seem these idiots are in a win-win situation, because any action against them not only reenforces their stand, but deminishes those of us that believe in civil and open protests. protesting is our right, granted by the constitution. but what these asshats are doing is spitting in the eye of every single military member and their families. hang a soldier in effigy indeed.


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